A Photographer's Christmas List

So if you've ever had a photographer on your Christmas list, whether your friends, dating, or Secret Santa... we all know that they are the hardest people to buy for. Lets face it. We are picky, we are techies, and most things we want, we buy. So without further adieu, if you are in the market for a gift for someone who just happens to be a photographer-- you're in luck!


1. Light Diffuser 


This flash diffuser is WONDERFUL. It's modeled around the Gary Fong brand. But, you can find a knock off, like the one linked above, for about 1/10th of the price for a Gary Fong. I love using mine during receptions. It keeps my guests from being blinded when I snap their picture. It also provided are solid overall punch of light to an image shot in the dark and keeps it from overexposing your subjects. 

2. Lens Filters


I know what you're thinking...filters? Like Instagram filters? NOPE--BETTER! They protect your lenses from being popped or scratched. I have them on all of my lenses. They don't change your image while shooting at all. You just have to be extra careful (and should be anyways) with making sure they are free of dust, water residue, etc. You also have to check the size of the ring on your lens and make sure the filter you are purchasing is the same size--I've made that mistake before! This filter is simply for protection. Better be safe than sorry!

3. Pelican Backpack


So when Jeremiah and I started "getting serious", he surprised me with this for our first Christmas. I was shocked. And, I've gotten so many compliments on this bag. It's military grade, so if you shoot any military weddings-- you will have veterans complimenting you on your camera bag. It's awesome. It's the same company that also supplies cases for the military to ship guns. It's shock-proof, waterproof, baby proof, you name it.  It's a GAME CHANGER. It has so many compartments and padding. It also has a place to add a lock if you are traveling and want to lock your equipment up. I love all the inside pockets too!

4. SD/CF Card Case


Best. Investment. Ever.

This is actually the exact same one that I have. I bought four of them and they hold all of my cards. They are similar to the Otterbox branding where they are airtight and waterproof. SD and CF cards are expensive. So, protect those babies!

5. Shutterhugger


If you are consistently shooting little ones, work smarter--not harder. You have to use your sweet talkin', candy, and weird noises to get little kids to look at you for a decent picture. You might as well look like a fool and invest in a Shutterhugger. I love mine! 

6. Video Light


I love this purchase. I mainly use it for exits and receptions at weddings. It's also great when you are packing up late after a wedding and need someone to spot you some light to find your car keys!

7. Cell Phone Ring Light


I bought one of these for fun and they make my Instagram stories so much better! I love this toy!

8. Dental Wax


Wait, what?

True chains. Jeremiah and I use dental wax for holding rings on super details pictures. Just make sure to wash the ring with warm water after. It's so helpful!

9. Instax Camera


Some of my sweetest memories from my own wedding are the leftover Polaroid pictures from my Instax. This is such a fun camera to take on trips--just make sure you have enough film! You can find these cameras on Amazon or Urban Outfitters!

10. Hydroflask


Let's be honest, a photographer is on their feet for 10+ hours running all over the place. Most of the time, I get home and feel like I've been hit like a truck. You know why? I don't remember to drink enough water. I feel like I ran a marathon on just fumes. These water bottles are so great because they keep water full all day!