Things You Need to Know if You're Getting Hitched.

Over the past 6 years in the wedding industry, I've made some notes. I've seen a ton of weddings: the good, the bad, the crazy, small, huge, and non-traditional. Regardless of how you envision your big day, there are a few things that will make your life easier during your wedding. Enjoy!


1. Lose the Bra

 I know what you're thinking...YES! The morning of your wedding, don't put a bra on and tell your bridesmaids to not to as well. They leave red marks on your shoulders and take a long time to fade! It's a pain to edit out of your pictures.

2. Don't skip on your bridesmaid's bouquets.

Spend a little more money on your bridesmaid's bouquets and re-use them after the ceremony as centerpieces! In total, it saves you rather than picking cheaper (and believe me they look cheaper) bouquets for your girls. Also talk with your florist to see if you can style florals for your ceremony so they match your reception too--repurpose!

3. Don't feed your Flower Girls or Ring Bearers Foods with Color

I've seen it all- throw up after drinking Kool-Aid, strawberry juice on a white dress, and smeared cookies. You name it. Stick with the basics: goldfish, water, crackers, or something that won't cause their hands to be a danger zone!

4. Check the Sunset

If you plan on getting married in the afternoon, PLEASE check with your photographer about your ceremony time. I have had winter weddings at 7pm and they want pictures outside with their groom after. And I think, "In the Dark?"

5. Ask for a Double Bustle on your Dress

When you drop your dress off at their alterations place, ask for two hooks and two loops. I have seen brides break it down so hard that their dress bustle pops and they are left with a 10 foot train on the dance floor and a ruined dress by the end of the night.

6. Order a Small Wedding Cake

Order a small two-tier wedding cake for your wedding. Then, ask your baker to make sheet cakes of the same flavor for all your guests--it's cheaper! Have them cut and ready to go when your guests line up for cake. Sheet cakes are cheaper because the more expensive cakes require time with more tiers and decor!

7. Lose the Party Favors

They go in the trash--trust me.

8. Always have plan B

Having an outdoor wedding? Make sure you have plans for bad weather: indoor facility or tents. And, if your picking a tent-- the white tents make the prettiest pictures because your photographer's flash reflects in the tent.

9. Make sure you have a Print Rights Release

When you hire your photographer, make sure you're going to get ALL the pictures. If not, you'll be paying per picture and it gets incredibly expensive.

10. Hug, High Five, or Fist Pump Your Photographer

We love you. We invest in you. And, we also have hours of editing to do once we leave your wedding. 





Hillary Nichols

20 something Georgia and destination wedding photographer.