Myth Buster.

Heather Wall Photography

Heather Wall Photography

Myth Busted: You are Not Ugly

Now that I've caught your attention, let me speak from the heart for a few minutes. Over the past few months, I have been ABUNDANTLY blessed with opportunities of shooting many engagements, proposals, families, weddings, and seniors. Along with the many blessings, comes the negative feedback I hear from clients. No, it's not anything towards my art (thank you all--haha), but themselves and their self-image.

My arms are too fat.

Can you make my teeth whiter?

Do I look pregnant in that dress?

I need to lose weight.

I can't smile and show my teeth because I have gap teeth.

Without a doubt, I usually hear the infamous line that's tossed around in conversation-- "I am not photogenic." You know what that says to me?... 

I've never had anyone show me how to work in front of a camera.

Everyone is photogenic. 

I'm not saying that so I can immediately gain everyone on Hill's team and grab more clients.

Gap teeth? Love them. Freckles? Fist pump, I got them too. Curly hair? The bigger, the better. Curves? YES. No curves? YES YES. Crooked fingers? That's me--thank you high school volleyball.


So please, challenge accepted. If you are fully convinced that you lucked out on the gene pool lottery, email me. You are beautiful and I would love the opportunity to prove you wrong.


Hillary Nichols

20 something Georgia and destination wedding photographer.