According to Hill & Sav.

10 Things that every New Wedding Photographer needs to Know:

1. Bring Water & Snacks. You can't shoot a wedding on an empty stomach. Regardless if you plan on eating at the wedding, you are on your feet for over 8 hours. You WILL get hungry. Or, if you're like me & are hungry all the time.

2. If you don't know what you're doing, act like it. Be confident. You'll figure it out. Every professional started somewhere. It keeps the bride at ease as well.

3. ALWAYS check your camera bag before you leave the house. Also, check your camera setting before shooting that day. 

5. When shooting candids, always snag extras of the grandparents. It's sad to think, but it's probably one of the last professional pictures that the family will have of them.

6. When shit hits the fan, the family will turn to you for answers because you've seen more weddings than anyone there. I've had to learn how to pin corsages, cut wedding cakes properly, tie bow ties (still struggling with this one), put garters on the right leg, sew bustles on in the middle of the dance floor, and relocate weddings because rain. Use your best judgment and do yourself a favor...make sure you know how to sew basics and lace a corset wedding dress. YouTube is a lifesaver!

7. Wear black or dark-er colors. Make sure you stand out as someone who works the wedding. That way, guests are sure to stay out of your way when shooting!

8. If you missed it, stage it. Great-Aunt Milly Sue get in your way of the daddy-daughter dance? Ask them to dance again, they would love it. Edit, throw the pictures in order, and send them off. They will never know the difference. However, learn to politely ask them to boogie out of your way so you can avoid this in the future!

9. Explaining posing can be hard. It's even harder if you are the bride & groom and you're trying to mirror the photographer's explanation of how to stand. One word of advice--stand NEXT to the couple, face the same direction they are, and tell them how to pose. That way, they are able to mimic you without trying to think backwards (your right hand is her left hand-etc).

10. As much as you want to talk yourself out of eating the cake...just do it. You know you live for wedding cake (this one is for you, Sav).

Hillary Nichols

20 something Georgia and destination wedding photographer.