Lora | Athens, Georgia

So, I've started a new goal. It's a new year. I'm about to have a new last name. I have a new photography side-kick. And, I want a new-er face for my business.

But, my goal is a little different for 2016. 


I want to book more brides & couples of color.


Wait, what do you mean?

It's simple. I want to take more pictures of people who identify with other ethnicities, races, and cultures. No, I am not tired of white people. I want to continue welcoming all of those who want pictures. I am just trying to tap into a new population of individuals that I've never had the pleasure of photographing before. I am not trying to solve the world's problems in the midst of this election chaos and "let's all join hands" movement. But rather, I am simply trying to change the face of my business. 


I want clients to look at my work and say,

"She looks like me" 


This may seem a little odd to those who've never had to look at something, be somewhere, or think about whether or not diversity would be represented.


Or better yet,

whether or not they would feel welcomed or comfortable.



So cheers to 2016 and new goals.

Without further adieu, meet Lora. Her mother is white. Her dad is Chinese-Hawaiian. 

Golden skin tones. Vintage Ring. JCrew Dress. 

COME TO MAMA! This was so much fun to photograph!





What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than a bridal shoot at UGA's Founder's Garden?

SWOON! Lora you are absolutely gorgeous!

Hillary Nichols

20 something Georgia and destination wedding photographer.