I am a twenty-something GA, Carolinas, + destination wedding photographer based out of Athens, Georgia. I am a coffee addict with a degree in English and I shoot on the side as a picture-taking-fools-sister-duo business. My little sister, Sav, has an eye for details and is the biggest cake-tasting critic. She's spunky, spontaneous, and we complement each other perfectly. Don't let all the scary business details fool you, I get a little crazy nutty at weddings , but I am serious about what I do. I am serious about making sure you get swoon-worthy wedding photos that will make you smile. But most of all, I'm serious about giving you pictures that will make your mother cry, your dad proud, your friends jealous, and leave you with nothing more than fist pumps and dimples from smiling too hard (and a print release- ha!).

 You are with your wedding photographer more than any other person on your wedding day, so make sure you pick someone who's making sure it's YOUR day and has the ability to defend your wedding cake from the ring bearer before the reception. I want you to be excited about your wedding photography and not feel as if your wedding is a task.

 I capture weddings, seniors, couples, proposals, engagements, and families. 

Check out my work. Eat your heart out, but make sure you've got time and a good cup of coffee because there's so many pictures that will hopefully make you smile.

xoxo -h